NR548-Week 2 Reflection learning




Reflection on Learning



The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student an opportunity to reflect on learning in the course related to course outcomes, program outcomes, and competencies. Reflective inquiry allows for expansion in self-awareness, identification of knowledge gaps, and assessment of learning goals.

Course Outcomes

This reflection on learning enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  • CO 5: Examine the Standards of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Practice Advanced Practice Competencies. (PO 5)

Due Date

Post should be entered to the Weekly Reflection on Learning thread by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT each week.

Students are expected to submit assignments by the time they are due. Assignments submitted after the due date and time will receive a deduction of 10% of the total points possible for that assignment for each day the assignment is late. Assignments will be accepted, with penalty as described, up to a maximum of three days late, after which point a zero will be recorded for the assignment.

Total Points Possible

This reflection is worth a total of five (5) points.

Preparing the Assignment

While reflecting on your readiness to practice as an PMHNP, take a few minutes to consider what has been learned. Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on your learning for the week. Guiding questions are provided or you may write about what you felt was most significant to you for the week.

Week 2 Guiding Questions

This week you learned about PMHNP standards of practice.

  • Which standard did you find most interesting regarding your future role as a PMHNP? Why?
  • Which standard(s) do you think you will use most frequently in your daily role as a PMHNP?
  • How will you uphold Standard #14-Professional Practice Evaluation?

**To see view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the box at the end of the solid gray bar above the discussion board title and then Show Rubric.


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