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As our societies become more diverse and globally connected, it is imperative that we develop cultural competency as we move forward. With a minor in Race and Ethnic Studies, you will become a global citizen through the interdisciplinary studies of the history, culture, geography, politics, sociology, and economics of Africans, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Latin Americans, and Muslim populations in the Middle East.

While this isn’t a paid international nurse practitioner job per se, it could be used as a stepping stone into a paid nurse practitioner opportunity. There are various international volunteer opportunities on almost every continent of the world, and there are multiple companies that you can volunteer through.

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First and foremost, decide your ideal learning style and platform then choose a validated program that you will see to the end. These courses are a valuable resource for passing the exam, but only if you use them. Also, see our 10 tips for preparing for the NCLEX-RN

Next, study the exam material. Find a study guide on the exam website. You can also find practice tests to take. Study for the exam by creating flashcards for what you’ll need to know. You can also contact the nursing school where you’ll be applying for resources. ATI has resources for the TEAS and NCLEX exams.

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Are you a fresh graduate, career changer, or a nurse looking for a niche or specific role? Then you should choose an objective for a nursing resume. Resume objectives are for applicants who don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience. And they tend to focus on training and career goals.

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